1,3-Dihydroxymethyl-5,5-Dimethyl Hydantion (DMDMH)

Una introducción detallada

Chemical name: 1,3-Dihydroxymethyl-5,5-Dimethyl Hydantion (DMDMH)

Formula: C7H12N2O4

Molecular Weight: 188.2

CAS NO.: 6440-58-0

Physical Properties and performances:

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Specific Gravity/Density: 1.16g/cm3  @ 25     

DMDMH is colorless transparent liquid with light formaldehyde odor,freezing point is -11℃,dissoluble in water and alcohol,has excellent heat-resistant character,as a broad-spectrum,high effective antibacterial preservative,DMDMH restrain Gram positive,Gram negative,mildew etc.through releasing formaldehyde.It havs good compatibility with surfactant,and stable in wide PH ranges and temp,ranges.It is low toxic,LD50(rat)3000mg/kg.


     Assay: 55±2%

Formaldehyde (%):17%

Free Formaldehyde (%):1.0%


Packing:25kgs/plastic drum

Usage:It can be used in kinds of cosmetics and personal care products,the max concentration for use is 0.6%.it can assort with IPBC used in cosmetic.

Transportation information:

Non-hazardous goods,avoid storing with toxic substance for fear of pollution.


Storage: Protect from frost.  Avoid storing below 600 F to protect from crystallization.  Do not store near heat.