DCOIT (4,5-Dichloro-2-n-octyl-isothiazolin-3-one)

Una introducción detallada

Chemical Name:        DCOIT  (4,5-Dichloro-2-n-octyl-isothiazolin-3-one)

CAS Number:            64359-81-5

Molecular FormulaC11H17Cl2NOS

Molecular Weight:   282.34

DescriptionWhite to off-white powder



Melting Point:38-44℃

Solubility in methanol ≤60

Loss on drying : ≤0.5%

Solubility(in xylene): Clear solution

ApplicationsDCOIT is a kind of very powerful biocide that widely used in a variety of industrial applications,

Transportation information:

UN Number:3077 ;    9 class;     Packing Group:III

Packing25kg fiber drum.

Storage: In cool place with ventilation